High School Equity Analysis

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School Equity Audit This is analysis I plan to holistically examine the climate of Warren County High School. In doing this, I hope to uncover, understand, and discuss the programs, students, teachers and learning environment of this high school. School Context Warren County High School is a 9-12th grade traditional public high school located in Warrenton, North Carolina. Warrenton is a small community and the county seat for Warren County. This community is located in north east Carolina close to the Virginia Border. Primarily a small, low wealth, rural community, this town has an active Library near the school and a chamber of commerce dedicated to the growth of the community (Warrenton-About Us, 2009). Warren county is populated by almost…show more content…
I would like to note, although I was able to find data about Warren County High, I still do not completely understand the community and school environment. In our small group we talked about the partnerships of Warren County High. Although the school does not offer Advanced Placement classes, the school utilizes partnerships with higher education institutions to allow students to pursue free college classes. This is a great way to allow students to receive free college credit. This school’s populations are considered 80% economically disadvantaged. This opportunity has the potential of launching higher education careers for all students specifically those who would otherwise not have this…show more content…
Trying to discover more about the community we learned about the two specialized High Schools in Warren County. While Warren County High serves the majority of the county, Warren County early college and tech high serve the remaining population. In 2008 the school board established the early college in partnership with the local community college. It allows students to graduate in 5 years with an associate degree. In doing this, the community hoped to encourage more students to attend college, especially those of low-income and minority students (Weldon, 2007). Also in 2007 the community opened Warren County Tech. In 2011, the school received a permanent site and graduated 71 students. This school utilized local internship placements to help develop traits in students (Weldon, 2011). The combination of these three high schools prove a community dedicated to its’ success of their students. I thought it is encouraging to see the schools utilize the community resources to aid students. When we discussed all the different schools we talked about Fictive-Kinship. From our research, the community appears committed to growth and has a strong interaction. Like discussed in the Cook article, the sense of community is what helped the growth of students, educators, and residents. Calling on a network of support allows for growth and change in both communities, Warrenton and New Orleans (Cook,

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