The Importance Of Educational Technology In Education

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Education is to muscle as educational technology is to muscular dystrophy for the muscle of education. Technology is becoming ever popular in the twenty-first century. Education is also becoming a requirement for today’s high paying careers. A high paying career is highly sought-after. However, technology does not benefit education. Technology can render education useless just as dystrophy can render muscles useless. Technology for instructional purposes is ineffective compared to old school methods like textbooks and chalkboards; it causes unjust education differences, it causes necessary academic skills to disappear, and it can affect health in a negative way. To begin with, educational technology is ineffective because it causes unjust differences…show more content…
Evidence analyst Wendy Carlson “noticed that the number of people who write cursive decreases as technology becomes the most dominant means of communication” (Casey) Handwriting quality also decreases. This is because writing requires more coordination from the two sides of the brain. As the letters are repeatedly written over time, the process of writing each individual letter becomes a habit. This requires little concentration, but maintains good penmanship. Texting and typing on the other hand does not use any special coordination to write different curves. It is just a indifferent pressing and releasing motion. This causes one to forget the memory of writing legibly. Good penmanship is a skill required by many universities, colleges, and jobs. Although it is true that technology is being brought into many careers, replacing humans, there will still be jobs that are incapable for technology to perform and aid workers in. Those jobs still require good penmanship and soon people will stop the spread of technology into workplaces and colleges. Penmanship is also required for necessary skills such as uniform signatures. Technology also affects academic integrity. It is much easier for students to cheat using technology. They can easily informally research answers to a test or assignment question. Cheating not only gives students who do not cheat an unfair disadvantage, but also the cheaters themselves. In the later grades and final exams, it will be extremely difficult to cheat due to strict rules about technology usage. Students will try-unknowing of the devastating consequences. Those consequences include disciplinary action, and the denial of scholarships and jobs. Cheating is also a moral mistake and it can cause one to develop a bad habit of taking the easy way out or cutting corners. Even if a teacher were to not use technology in

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