SWOT Analysis Of Programmed Decision Making In A Business

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1. Programmed decision making is a type of decision making that comes with a frame on how the company should handle each situation. It is based on rules and guidelines on what should be done for something. Non-programmed decision making lacks this decision making structure. It is a non-routine and unplanned method on dealing with opportunities as they arise. An example of this would be if a retail store had specific discount policy on damaged items. The policy states that if an item is damaged then the customer can get 10% off the normal pricing. If this is a programmed decision, it will happen the same every time. If it is non programmed, perhaps the manager would inspect each item to determine if it really needs a discount, which would be…show more content…
The SWOT analysis is a diagnostic method to determine a business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Strengths and weaknesses both speak of the business internally. These are the actual advantages and disadvantages within a company. A strength could be something useful to the success of the business like brand image. Also a weakness could be something that needs improvement like low product satisfaction rate. Opportunities and threats are external. An example of a business opportunity is an unreached market share within the cleaning products category. This is a opportunity, with the right product development could mean a advancement against competition. A past example of this would be the development of laundry pods. A threat is some force outside of the business that is against its success. One of the most common forms of a threat would be competition with other companies with similar products, such as Samsung and Apple. Apple is dominant in the cell phone market, yet Samsung also makes quality phones as well to content with Apple. Tyson foods can be an example of how the SWOT analysis works. Their strength would undoubtedly be their prices for the meat they sell. A weakness for Tyson foods could be something such as the way they raise and treat their chickens. The process is unsightly, abnormal and unattractive. This deters many from buying their meats. Their meat handling methods have been condemned. An opportunity for Tyson would be to regain the trust of lost customers by revising their chicken handling procedures and become transparent about improvements to make in the company. A threat for Tyson would be competing meat companies, who perhaps have better chicken handling procedures and produce higher quality meat. This would be a loss to Tyson as other meat companies draw consumer spending away from Tyson

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