Group Reflective Report

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The readings from the textbook connect to what I have already learned in class in many different ways. For example, in class we discussed the certain roles and responsibilities of the group leader. One important role that a leader must be able to provide is being able to provide good eye contact with group members. In the textbook it states how the leaders eyes can gather valuable information and encourage members to speak. Another reason why eye contact is important is because the leader can scan for nonverbal cues,. Nonverbal cues is important because sometimes the leader will miss out on valuable information that other group members are facilitating. Moreover, there are a few important nonverbal cues that the leader should be able…show more content…
One concept that is important to remember is that some members may feel uncomfortable during their first session or group activity. Therefore, if this issue is present within the group the leader must establish some ways to help group members feel comfortable. For instance the group leader can discuss the topic of comfort level. Also the group leader can ask if anyone feeling anxious cause time knowing that other are anxious like you it helps to not feel alone or like an outcast. The second concept that I believe is important to remember making sure that group members are respectful and sensitive to multicultural and diversity issues. This is an important concept to remember because many times people with involved in a group with different ethnics and cultural difference will have different values and perceptions. This issue typically creates misunderstanding within the group making it difficult for group to have a good dynamic. The third concept that I believe is very important to remember is being an active listener. The key to have a successful group is being a good listener. It shows that there is respect and a good connection with the group. Being an active listener means listening to the content voice and body language. In addition, being an active listener is extremely important and can sometimes be very intense when you are the group leader. As the group leader you have to be able to listen to everyone in the group. The most useful technique the leader wants to be able to do is to be able to scan the room and find nonverbal gestures being given off in the room. Furthermore, the forth concept that I believe is important to remember is being able to encourage and support members in the group. This concept is important to remember because many times members in a group will feel that they will appear wrong or stupid to others. Also, encouragement within the group
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