Case Study Of Human Resource Management In Project Management At Omantel

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Executive Summary The report this summary accompanies related to the telecoms company Omantel, which is the largest telecoms and internet service provider in Oman. Omantel’s software development department, which is the branch solely responsible for all software-related issues within the organization, faces some problems. The department is currently unable to complete its projects in the time stipulated as well as other compliance issues related to product and project documentation. This report sought to establish viable solutions using the various MBA modules studied as well as project management strategies. For O’s software development company to succeed in establishing a viable set of solutions, there was need to highlight a conceptual…show more content…
Organization concentrating resources and manpower into project that have an economic and organizational agenda must ensure that strong HRM practices exist within and between teams involved in projects (Armstrong and Armstrong, 2009). Several aspects of HRM come up with reference to the Omantel issue under discussion. They include organizational planning, team development, staff identification and acquisition, as well as team coordination. Organizational planning within the HRM realm as it relates to project management relates to the identification and demarcation of organizational duties and responsibilities. This is one of the most important HRM practices that identifies the roles and duties of each of the team’s members. Without a clear outline of each member’s duties and responsibilities, project management would grind to halt due to overlapping roles and confusion generated from the lack of clarity in organizational responsibilities (Bello-Pintado, 2015). Applying this concept to the Omantel issue, we find that the project manager in the software development department might need to revise the organizational planning practices within the HRM base of his project. The results would be that each member knows their roles and the compliance and auditing…show more content…
Team planning refers to the activities and processes within the HRM environment dedicated to identifying and utilizing the capabilities of each member of the human resources group. Within the confines of project management, one would apply this concept as a process of identifying the most suitable members for each role the project development and completion processes might involve. Team planning is an important part of HRM, more so in the project management environment where team players are required as well as best of fit participants (Bello-Pintado, 2015). In addition to the requirement to fit each role in the project with the most suitable members in terms of their skills and experience, team planning roots out contradicting roles based on the early identification of these problems. Applying this concept to the Omantel project management problem, we find that the issues of compliance and gaps in project management and development can potentially be avoided by identifying the HRM-based problems that could lead to the same at the project‘s onset. Therefore, the software development department needs to inculcate team planning concepts in the HRM aspect of these

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