Monster Monologue

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Everyday I sit here, I can feel my body changing. Changing to fit what I’ve become. Some will call me a monster. In fact, most already do. After all why would they throw me Azkaban on grounds of being a monster? Is this the gratitude I deserve? After I sacrificed my humanity for them, one would think that they’d praise my name. But no... Despite all I’d done for them, despite the tribulations I’ve suffered... They throw my sacrifice in my face, locking me in prison. You know, I was kind of expecting it. After all, the Wizarding World are full of sheep. When it fits them, they idolize me, they lavish me with praises, they glorify my name... However they too curse me, condemn me, beshrew me... I wonder why I ever wanted to fight for them. To them, I was nothing more than a sacrificial lamb. Ha! The irony. I was just comparing them to sheep and now I say I was nothing more than a sacrificial lamb.…show more content…
It is stagnant. Purebloods constantly inter-marry. What they don’t know is that by marrying their relatives, their magic gets ‘corrupted’ in a sense. Eventually, their magic dies out and results in squibs. Squibs, what a distasteful name. There would be no such things as squibs had the purebloods not intermarried. Don’t they know there are muggleborns for a reason? Muggleborns. Is it supposed to be the polite way to refer to them magicals born to non-magical people? Truly, wizards are imbeciles. Calling someone a muggle is already an insult! I wonder what happened to their common sense? Then again, the intermarrying probably caused their common sense to die out. I wonder why I’m so cynical. Afterall, I’m not normally this cynical. Perhaps it is a side effect of my transformation.
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