Henry Magarro's Way Of Life

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Perhaps it was going against the wide unwavering ocean, maybe it was bearing the heat and trudging across a desert in hopes of paradise. Our lives up to this moment would be completely different if our ancestors hadn’t taken chances. The saying is true you have be willing to lose some in order to get some. Without taking chances we could never progress. Our histories, our traditions are what makes us the people we are today. In a village close to the city of Manilla, Henry Magarro makes his way into his house. Although what he doesn’t know is that his father waits like an active volcano about to erupt. His son’s actions caused great controversy and shame to the family. What the father doesn’t know is that the young man already has his plan in order. The two battle it out and in the end the young man is on the ground with red rivers across his face and neck. The physical pain is enough for him and he gets to his feet and leaves what was once his home.…show more content…
The unforgiving waves and the commanding wind make it almost unbearable to preserver, but somehow he manages to get to his new home. He reaches Oahu in a short amount of time and ends up working in the pineapple fields for Dole while he works oh his plan to get to the mainland. Much to his benefit, an opportunity arises for a one way ticket to California. The only catch is that he has to join the Merchant Marines. As a man without anything to lose, he accepts his new challenge and spends the next few years traveling with the Merchant Marines. He then travels all over the U. S. and continues to be amazed with the oddities of a country he had heard about his whole

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