Informative Essay: The Salem Witch Trials

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There comes a time when revealing the truth to a given set of events is left in the hands of the people which are buckled down on interpreting it. Amongst the most historic and famous witch purges of the medieval ages, those in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 are the most prominent. The witch shakeups in Salem are widely considered an atrocity, based on the fact that over 150 people were arrested and more than 25 were executed based on the false testimony of a small group of teenage girls attempting to weave their way out of trouble. The accusations arose after victims inside the town started experiencing violent convulsions, fevers, excruciating general pain. However, witness accounts describe the symptoms as being too merciless to be faked.…show more content…
The historians, psychologists, and scientists inside the documentary meticulously scrutinize the evidence that is left from the time and find evidence that suggests a more reasonable and biological answer than the witchcraft allegation behind the Salem Witch Trials. They end up searching maps and inspecting the descriptions and reports that were left behind from the incident that cannot be overlooked. Many reports claim that the sufferers were going through ripping convulsions and agonizing pain, essentially, the victims underwent too much that it is impossible to be simulated. Finally, they are able to trace a mysterious mushroom that is famous for its hallucinative and constrictive properties, that, when ingested produced excruciating neurological sensations and bone-clenching convulsions. The evidence they acquire suggests that the fungus may have invaded a noticeable part of their crops, affecting everyone who ingested it. The scientists and historians suggest that this “illness” is what really affected the victims and what convinced the Puritans at Salem that it was actually witchcraft. The language that the people involved in the documentary used is one that is highly cult and uses scientific and accurate words, which are reflective of their professional and reasonable

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