Great Society Research Paper

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The Great Society did more harm than good to America. The Great Society has been controversial topic since the 1960s. A program that was created to help poor people has failed by creating a lower class. The Great Society has hindered the desire to pursue higher education which has led to an increase of a lower class and created a “ghetto” culture. The Great Society has created an atmosphere which encourages increased violence by providing a program of subsidies. Liberals have provided African Americans with a welfare system that has caused violence, educational disparity, and low income. The Great Society was designed to help people from a lower economic group and give them an opportunity to improve their economic and social standing in American society. The program was designed as a temporary means to boost the lower economic…show more content…
When a White police officer kills a Black person who is allegedly committing a crime, “The Great Society” has allowed the existence what seems to be racial inequality and injustice. Donald Trump posted information from, “Crime Statistics Bureau – San Francisco” on twitter which shows that only one percent of blacks killed each year are killed by the police. On the other hand, ninety seven percent of blacks killed each year are killed by other blacks. All the riots and political movements against police abuse and cruelty have been targeting the police. The cops are not the problem; the bigger problem is blacks killing other blacks in the community. Police shootings usually occur when an alleged suspect does not follow police orders, or they make an aggressive move towards the police presence. African American poverty has caused many of the problems between police force and Black community. The Great Society was suppose to be a “War on Poverty”, but it has failed because it has created a long term economic problem for the African American
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