Poverty And Inequality

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The Impact of Poverty & inequality on Economic Growth Introduction: In present scenario: People who per capita income is less than one dollar fall in criteria of poverty , along with inequality is also on other issue which contain limited number of household had lion share in GNP which large number of people had limited share in GNP. These limited number of people (Richest) increased their share in GNP day by day. These both issue create so many other issue and indicators like limited personal income, which leads to reduce the number of skilled supply of labour in the economy, which explanation the human development, unemployment reach at its extreme level, than saving at micro and macro level decrease, which reduce the investment in the…show more content…
Inequality is a considerable condition of different people related to different groups of income distribution that’s why income inequality is most familiar indicators of economic inequality. As it is feat that national income is summation of reward of four factor of production. This NI divided into these factors. The UN fair distribution of NI among factors of production creates unequal income and wealth. Unequal income distribution may create regional and provincial disputes which are harmful for political and economic stability. An introductory description by Khadija Haq president of Mehbob ul Haq human development center, said that poverty remain most persistent and cross cutting challenge in Pakistan. Poverty is not just poverty in income but poverty means lack of opportunity. These are many deprivations of human society just like lack of education, ill health, and social evulsions, discriminations on the basis of ethnicity, gender, and religion and political repression gave a chance to prevail the poverty in society. That’s why poverty is multi dimensional phenomenon, not a single dimensional…show more content…
(Pakistan Economic and Social Review, Volume 49 No 2 PP 231 – 249). The objective of this study is throwing light on rural income inequality and relationship of farm and non farm ways with house hold income. Rashid Ahmed and A.R Kamal: The Pakistan development reviews 36:1(spring 1997) PP 39-68 focal point of this study is macro economic policies and their impact on poverty alleviation in Pakistan. This paper provide a persistent estimation of poverty for the period 1963-64 to 1992-93 for both in rural as well as in urban areas. The study is also a out line to describe the influence of poverty on all other economic indicator. In this study provide suggestions for poverty alleviation’s strategies. Matleena Kniivila believed that industrial development play a vital role in implications for poverty reduction and income inequality. In favor of his concept explain the example of ‘’Asian Tiger’’ in these countries, like China Tiwan Korea and Indonesia etc, poverty and inequality have declined in specific rates. Matleena argued that industrial development not only reduce the poverty while expansionary of out put, promote export, improved business climate and gave a push of trade opening. However increased in export and trade employment level increased in

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