To What Extent Should Death Row Be Re-Introduced To Great Britain

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Assignment 1- Death Row, Should it be re-introduced to Great Britain? Horrifying!- it is indeed. I firmly believe that Death Row should not be re-introduced in Great Britain. To clarify, it is killing human insanity and is cruel. There are several ideas to support my claim: people will be unable to do anything; population decreasing; people will lose family members. Also, no-one would want such cruel way to be killed and be separated from the outer world. Throughout this essay I will discuss reasons and justifications in why I think Death Row should not be re-introduced. Firstly, this is torture and taking away freedom of people as they would be frightened to do anything which is the same as being put inside death row which shows that…show more content…
Of course, stealing is a crime and against the law but you don't just punish a homeless man in need like this. His life was going horrible but turned into a even more undisguised life. Furthermore, this is bad for the tourists as they would be scared of going to that city . John Smith says in a interview ' I might die before the death row of mine as living in this compact space for 23 hours a day would get me killed' Moreover, there are many cases in which people have been deceived despite being their loved ones as people have been reported of murder but yet no evidence supports that claim and that person is in death row because of the majority people reporting him. This clarifies the reality of this world resulting in family members and friends crossing the limit by turning against you. This shows no matter what the crime it certainly will result in a faculty which is cruel as no human should be punished in death like this as I believe if God gives lives he's responsible for taking lives and not anyone

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