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Discovery Journal Writing Never Let Me Go — Chapter 12 Some advice that I would like to give to Ruth is to pursue her dreams instead of just imagining about it. Although dreams can be "dangerous" for the Hailsham students. In Never Let Me Go, Kathy and her friends have shorter life spans than regular humans, so they have less time to accomplish their goals. Plus, their futures have already been planned out: they are all going to become carers, then donors, then complete. And yes, that was pretty depressing. This doesn't leave much wiggle room to pursue dream jobs or go off on fantasy adventures. But all the same, no one can stop the Hailsham kids from having goals. They can daydream all they want. And if they plan it out right, they might be able to accomplish some of these dreams despite their gruesome fate.…show more content…
Maybe it's because Kathy had knew along, that her fate couldn't be change, and that there was no point dreaming or hoping for something that was impossible. This does sound a little pessimistic, does it? I think it's more of being realistic than pessimistic. Although I mentioned earlier that I would prefer the characters to pursue their dreams and try to achieve their goals, we can't deny that the fact that hoping for something nearly (or shall I say completely) impossible is unrealistic. With this being clear, we see that, sometimes, being optimistic and being unrealistic is very different. But there may still be a possibility—who knows?—of the characters changing their fate. It doesn't hurt by trying, or does

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