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Introduction The success of national development is inseparable from Government and community’s involvement in processing of planned directional and has purpose development. On this basis, it requires government and community’s contribution in conducting national development. One of their successes is the ability to understand the transparent government and public support for ensuring good governance. In implementing its activities, the government practiced a transparent and open government system. It has a free information flow in the institutional processes of each working units of the device area (SKPD), so it is easily accessed by everyone. A variety of administered and provided information of Government can be accessed as a tool to monitor,…show more content…
The basic instrument of regional government implementation Transparency is legislation which guarantees to everyone right in getting information, while the supporting instrument of transparency is the available of database facilities and means of information used to compile all suggestions, feedback and complaints to improve the good governance implementation. The regional government has set up clear governance devices about how to get or access the update information needed and help the Government to solve the various problems faces. Through the basic instrument of transparency as information, communication, database facilities and products/services related to the good regional governance implementation, then transparency is a guarantee to arrange of public right in accessing and dissemination of information regarding the results of the work of the Government. Therefore, it becomes the capital basis for the Government to get ahead and developed, also in taking community’s support and participation to run regional…show more content…
Wilson (2007) states that a good government always prioritises the transparency. Henry (1995) mentioned that a good transparency and good governance is a unity that can not be separated. Transparency can not possible be applied to a bad government because transparency is easily applied on good governance. On this basis then it becomes the consideration to understand transparency application in implementing good governance. Those views become researcher’s basic to observe the phenomenon on transparency in regional governance in an effort to actualize the good governance implementation. Transparency issues that often arise among Government and public is transparency of budget field, employment, available of good and services. The third those fields often gets protest, complaint and antipathy from the public because the Government is not transparent in the giving of information, communication, data access, documents and various reporting which cannot be judged by the

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