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1. Introduction In recent times, transparency in the business world is regarded as having a positive impact. This is because of its ability to foster accountability, improve the collection of information and aid in the organization of individual efforts. Thus, some researchers such as Birkinshaw and Cable (2017); Cohn (2013) have extensively discussed the benefits of organizational transparency (i.e. transparency within organizations). As reported by Birkinshaw and Cable (2017), the major advantage of organizational transparency is the free flow and exchange of information within the organization. Consequently, efficiency in decision-making is enhanced as there is free access to information, thus, lead to better and improved decisions (Birkinshaw…show more content…
2. Problem Areas of Over-Transparency The research by Birkinshaw and Cable (2017) highlights three aspects where over transparency can cause problems. These include: 2.1 Daily Business Transactions/Activities The evolution of technology today has made it possible for companies to track their supplies and activities in real time with the aid of GPS. This type of real-time information is not only accessible to top executives of the companies but also to employees. While some companies have now developed transparent strategies that permit their workers to access various planning documents, other firms have developed strategy such as video-recording their meetings. These videos are accessible to all to see what had transpired during the…show more content…
the higher the number of people involved, the higher the buy-ins and the wiser our decisions also known as ‘wisdom-of crowds effect’. Although the ‘wisdom-of-crowds effect’ could be beneficial to companies, the major problem of this concept is that making decisions takes longer than usual because of the higher number of people involved. An even bigger problem with this approach is that those involved may not necessarily have the appropriate knowledge and responsibility to carry out the tasks (Birkinshaw & Cable,

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