Effects Of Corruption In India

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India has seen much higher development in recent years despite corruption as opposed to earliest years post-independence under a more honest government. How could this be? Corruption drastically affects the economy of any country and hinders in its achievements of developmental goals. Many studies have confirmed that the more the corruption the slower is the economic growth. Corruption leads to various imbalances and inefficiencies within a system affecting the utilization of resources, markets, national security etc. It worsens the deprivations of the poor and the weaker sections. Two types of corruption can be seen in practice i.e. petty corruption and corruption on grand scale which are the scandals that break out every now and then, the…show more content…
They carried certain responsibilities on their shoulders as the first formed government of independent India. Corruption although existed, mostly as petty, was at a minimum especially by the government (refer link). Yet, the policies it chose ensured that India’s growth was not so vibrant. This was mostly because india had a closed economy and resources were also limited. Also, the policies were affected by the then economic status of India which was a share of 3% in world economy as compared to 27 %, i.e. a fifth and a quarter when British set foot in India. The rate of growth of the Indian economy in the first three decades after independence was derisively referred to as the Hindu rate of growth by economists, because of the unfavourable comparison with growth rates in other Asian…show more content…
However, the petty corruption has declined as compared to the immediate years after independence because of the advent of technologies which has helped in improving the daily life of common man thus playing its part in HDI. CONCLUSION The societal tolerance of corruption in today’s world is very less. This has been very actively proven by the ‘India Against Corruption’ activists led by Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal which is very Gandhian by nature and later dipping it’s toes into direct politics. However it is hard to figure out the actual motives behind such movements as they are very aptly used as weapons to be wielded at right circumstances. Arvind Kejriwal emerged bearing the light of hope for everyone who would sweep the system clean of corruption. He won extreme majority in Delhi assembly however very soon his law minister was arrested for faking his degrees. Our PM himself declared that he was India’s best bet to fight corruption as he was single and had no heirs. But in the first year of his office, his government has been unravelled by Lalitgate, and his party’s government in Maharashtra has been rocked by a corruption

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