Corruption Problems

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Problem regarding the corruption As we know, Corruption is the important threat which leads our country to directly destroy in various mechanism systems. Corruption seemingly likes a bigger problem than we or anyone can solve it. In fact, it is just the tiny problem that occurred by a petty group of people and nobody pragmatically solving. As a result, the problem is widespread, acceptable methods and extended itself. It affects not directly within the petty group but in term of consistence and security of that country. The definition of corruption concern with any performance that involve with own benefits and facilitations of someone, abuse of endowed force for private gain and threat with cultural, moral and ethics of each areas. According…show more content…
In term of political, it undermines democracy and good governance by destroy the processing of government such as corruption by election and policy making. And corruption still undermines the reliability and security of each nation. In term of economic, each country which has the low amount of Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) can attract the foreign Direct Investment (FDI). In short, which country has low amount of corruption affect to easily increasing economic growth. In term of environment, corruption directly affect to environmental degradation and destruction. According to Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, “The true social cost of corruption cannot be measured by the amount of bribes paid or even the amount of state property stolen. Rather, it is the loss of output due to the misallocation of resources, distortions of incentives and other inefficiencies caused by corruption that represent its real cost to society. And in addition to these output losses, corruption can inflict additional welfare costs in terms of adverse effects on the distribution of income and disregard for environmental protection. Most importantly, corruption undermines public trust in the government, thereby diminishing its ability to fulfill its core task of providing adequate public services and a conductive environment for private sector development.” As a result, the corruption only short terms that beneficial making for someone who corrupted. But in the long term and bigger picture it likes pitfalls of greed that not only destroy themselves but also destroy their mechanism of public and private sectors in their

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