Gas Chromatography Research Paper

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COLUMNS USED IN GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY Gas chromatography is a technique used for separating volatile or vaporized constituents of a mixture based on the differences in partition coefficient between a mobile phase which may be gaseous and stationary phase which may be gaseous and stationary phase which may be solid or liquid stationary phase. The sample mixture is vaporized and injected unto the column. The sample then moves through the column and a detector connected to the column records the different peaks corresponding to the concentrations of the constituents. The compound must be thermally stable and volatile. There are two phases in the gas chromatography; the stationary phase and the mobile phase. The mobile phase is an inert gas that does…show more content…
It is based on the partition principle of separation. INSTRUMENTS USED IN GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY Carrier gas system: the mobile phase is known as the carrier gas. Gases which can be used as carrier gases include Argon, nitrogen and hydrogen. The carrier gas which is used as the mobile phase must be chemically inert or inactive . The gas transports the sample through the column and flow regulators, flow meters, and gauges are used to regulate the flow of gas and the pressure at which the gas enters into the column e.g soap bubble meter or rotameter. Sample injection system: The liquid samples are injected into the column through the injection port using a calibrated micro syringe. The injection port temperature is usually 50C higher than the boiling temperature of the sample. The injecting system converts the liquid sample into gas. several injection systems are used such as split injection, splitless injection and cold on-column injector. Detector system: The detector system is considered the “brain” of gas…show more content…
Glass capillaries were introduced which were effective but can be fragile. That is when fused silica came into use; they are made from purified silica that is free from metal oxides. The fused silica capillary tubes have walls that are thinner than glass capillaries and they are stronger due to the protective polyimide coating. These columns can be made into coils due to their flexibility. So, as compared to glass columns, fused silica columns have lower reactivity with the analyze, they are more flexible and they are stronger than the glass columns. They have a length of 10-100m and a diameter of 0.1-0.3mm. MEGABORE COLUMNS These are capillary columns with an internal diameter of 530um. These are suitable for use when the sample size of the analyte is similar to that of packed columns. POROUS LAYER OPEN TUBULAR COLUMN These are also known as Golay columns . These are made up of a layer of adsorbent which is porous in nature e.g alumina or molecular sieves. These type of columns are used for analyses that are

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