The Importance Of Wedding Gifts

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Imagine getting a telephone call from a college acquaintance telling you that she’s finally found Mr. Right and the wedding is in June. She then informs you that this is going to be the social event of the year, so be prepared to attend lots of parties -- engagement party, bridal shower, bachelor/bachelorette party and wedding reception. Now the questions racing through your mind aren’t about what color shoes to pack or what brand of champagne will be served -- your head is too busy doing the math to calculate four or five wedding party events times the cost of a decent gift nowadays! Do I bring a gift to each event? How much should I spend? Can I spend less on each gift since I have to give four different presents? Can I get away with buying…show more content…
You shouldn’t feel like you need to come bearing a gift as your ticket in; the invitation was your entrance pass. But if you’re truly happy for them you have the option of expressing your feelings with a gift. If the bridal shower hostess asks you to bring a specific gift because it’s a special theme party, go along with the plan. You can always give them a wedding gift that is more to your taste. Does the same apply if you’re invited to multiple events? You do not have to bring a new gift to each party if you’re invited to more than one shower or party for the same person. Guests should be allowed to attend all of the parties -- engagement parties, luncheons and rehearsal dinner, evening bachelor/bachelorette parties, daytime bridal showers and the wedding reception -- without the financial stress and guilt inherent in buying multiple gifts. Don’t let the shopping habits of others make you feel uneasy about your decision. This isn’t being selfish, it’s being considerate and rational. How much should you…show more content…
Yes, as long as the items are of good quality. You can take this idea in several unique directions, like picking a theme that would connect the four gifts or giving the first three smaller gifts as clues to the fourth, bigger gift. Can you get away with buying a generic brand? Traditionally, shower gifts were useful and practical, not elaborate and high priced. Homemade gifts were appreciated and treasured. All of these will bring the costs down and keep the quality high. Here’s a few more tips and ideas to help you choose the right gift whether you opt for generic or designer: Theme-related and humorous is okay. Risqué bedroom gifts are okay as long as the bride is okay with them. Money trees are more appropriate at wedding receptions, not at showers. The exception to this would be if the couple wouldn’t be moving into their home right away, such as a military couple who knows they’re being transferred. If you do a money tree, be sure the guest of honor doesn’t announce the individual gift amount. Group Gifts and Long Distance

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