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3.2 Drivers of NPM The most compelling reasons for opting NPM-oriented reforms in the public sector are layers of hierarchy, long procedures, highly bureaucratic nature and dissatisfaction among the public for the poor quality service of state-owned enterprises. In addition to this, escalating fiscal pressures on the government, corruption, questions raised by the citizens and stakeholders, the global influences and international environment, the rising levels of citizen’s expectations and the internal and international pressures contributes to have a preference for market-oriented reforms. There was also a time when citizens started to lose their trust in governments. Factors like privatization, advancement in information technology,…show more content…
As, this information is the public good therefore it must be available to the public not only through physical mediums but others that are easily accessible for an average citizen. Access of information through all these means is not beneficial, if there is a lack of intellectual ability (Jardim, 1999). Likewise, it is noted that transparency in the contemporary perspective is taken as just putting up information on the internet as a one-sided traffic often ignoring its wide outcomes. It does not guarantee citizen involvement in the discussion, debate or decision making processes (Welch, Hinnant, & Moon,…show more content…
It goes beyond the traditional notion of administration to managing of operations and processes by managers. It also assumes that emphasis is given to the manager’s accountability as an incentive to have a preference for more performance based outcomes (Aucoin & Heintzman, 2000; Aucoin & Jarvis, 2005; Mathachan, 2013). Decentralization is one of the most significant constituents in the public management reforms for decades (Mathachan, 2013). In public organizations decentralization is the answer to public dissatisfaction regarding the unresponsive and inefficient apparatus of government bureaucracy (Burns, Hambleton, & Hogget, 1994). Decentralization gives flexibility and operational authority to managers. It focuses on letting the managers manage so that manager becomes more accountable. With decentralization the employees get more power to have an individual control over their operations. 3.3.3 Introduction of HR

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