Corruption In The 21st Century

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“Anger against the bitter pandemic of corruption is legitimate, as is the protest against this plague that is eroding the capability and potential of our nation” - President Pranab Mukherjee A country is judged by the economic status it attains on the world panorama. Stepping into the 21st century the fact can be accentuated by the growing trepidation of a progress which a nation seeks and India is no different in such a competing environment of the developed, developing and underdeveloped. The nation has stepped into the 66th year of its independence and as Jawaharlal Nehru put it when the country gained its paramount need of freedom in a way that the revolution of our nation had just begun in the year 1947. The progress of the revolution…show more content…
Gradually, corrupt practices began to reduce India's attractiveness to foreign investors and businesses. India's potential as an economic powerhouse, coupled with the threat that economic growth could cease if foreign investors left, provided enough political pressure to begin the process of reforming anti-corruption laws. India ranked 95 in the Corruption Perception Index of Transparency International in 2011. The level of corruption grows higher due to the increased demand for funds to fight elections which take place every year in some part of the country or the other. Apart from the bribes, their parties and families collect money for elections. Since the inception of economic liberalization in 1991, a lot of government resources have been put forward to the private sector. A number of times the assets of the government have been given away without a proper allotment of the resource. There lies a prime necessity to strike a balance between the duties of the government officers and the citizens as well. The citizens of the nation are well aware of the events and bear witness to it and the facts are well known to them. In these days the communication of the mass media covers every possible thing on earth and nothing can remain masked for long. The agitation and fury of the masses showcases the desire of the people to rise against the plague of corruption. This horrendous pandemic which strikes, has stroked hard at the masses. What the nation reckons is a transparency in politics as this is a democracy and people deserve to be treated right by whom they

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