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The Global Warming Problem, Causes And Solutions Literature Review Global warming describes and represents a change or an increase in the heating temperature of the atmosphere and the earth's surface because of the greenhouse gases (GHG) effect. The global warming is not a new topic, so we can find a lot of studies, reports, researches, books and experiences about it. They can be written and made by different people and scientists. For example, the research ( Global warming: Introduction by Robert j . Ruhf ). It was written in 1999 and focuses on researches that are done in the early to mid-1990's. Robert j .Ruhf believes that the human activates and the natural events are responsible for creating the climate change…show more content…
Robert H.Friis thinks there were natural factors in the past that caused the global warming problem, but the term is used to describe the heat and warming that are resulting because of the greenhouse gases. Scientists agree and believe that the Earth's surface got warmer about 1 degree Fahrenheit in the last 140 years. Robert H, Friis has talked under the title Naturally Occurring Air Pollution about some natural events or factors that can play an important part in causing the air pollution and global warming. For example, wind storms that spread dust clouds and salt evaporation along the earth's coasts. Also, Robert H. Friis has mentioned two other sources of air pollution next to Naturally Occurring Air Pollution, they are Stationary Sources and Mobile Sources of Air…show more content…
According to Jane Genovese's study, there are 3 parts will absorb the sunlight. These parts are landmass, water, and the rest will back to space. The warm earth's surface reflects the infrared wave to space but because of the greenhouse gases (GHG), the heat will trap and return to the earth's surface gain. That causes the global warming problem. Also, Jane Genovese mentioned the historical difference before and after the industrial revolution and how it became a big problem because of the CO2 that can produce. The CO2 will increase the GHG and the global warming. There are studies who displayed no significant change of the warming in the Norther Hemisphere, but unlike the change in Southern Hemisphere. The meaningful explanation for that is because of the anthropogenerated sulfate's effect. It has the ability to reflect back the radiation wave to space. Michaels has studied and explained the anthropogenerated sulfate's effect with more detailed info when he said "Because anthropogenerated sulfates are in the Northern Hemisphere, we face the greenhouse forcing with negative

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