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WHY SHOULD TEVİTÖL START AT A LATER TIME? Almost all of you were students. Just remember, were you happy with waking up early? Almost no one is happy with shortening their sleep. And according to National Sleep Foundation, only 15 percent of the students get enough sleep. So, isn’t it wrong to let new generation suffer from the wrongs you’ve faced? This time system does not sound right. Starting to school at 8 o’clock is not convenient for students. It affects their success, health and psychology badly, therefore; you, administrators, have an important issue to fix. Starting to school at early hours has some negative effects on students’ success in lessons. Waking up at an early time takes students participation and concentration low. Therefore, it lowers our success. Oxford University’s latest research proved that the most efficient time to start school is about 10. Also, research of Nevada University asserted that biological changes in adolescence delay teens’ biological clock to 3 hours later; so it is not beneficial to start the school early. Despite these facts, most of the schools, including TEVİTÖL, start about 8 o’clock. Thus, starting the school at a time that students’ brain is not actually ready to learn reduces their concentration and success in…show more content…
Midwest Architecture School’s test reported that only 4 percent of the students’ get the ideal 7 hours of sleep. In addition, the average duration of students’ sleep was 5.7 hours. These data show that most of the students sleep less and the aim of turning up to school on time plays a very big role in these students’ sleep loss. Because of not sleeping enough, students cannot focus on their lessons. And this situation affects students’ academic life badly. How can a student participate actively in his/her classes while his/her brain is still

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