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Preparation of tourism environmental calendar based on climatic conditions of region is one of the most important foundations of planningTourism; because the role of climate in tourist attraction is very important in days that is tourists arrivals. Therefore, the first step in planning the supply tourism product to demand market is estimation of indicators the region climatourism. In this paper using weather station statistics of Khash during a period have been analyzed climatourism based on bioclimatic models and indicators. Khash county with dominates pattern of nature-based tourism particularly in alongside Taftan mountains have the unique capabilities that climate indicators study indicates that during the months of April, May, September…show more content…
Adverse climatic conditions can often prevented correct do process and imposes pressure on the body and mind which resulted in inconvenience and loss of efficiency and finally may disrupt human health. So the impact of climate on human is important and significant factor(Kasmaee, 2007: 65). Many tourist activities depend on weather conditions and natural resources and more tourists a great flexibility to adjust their holiday destination in particular it is important for tourism sector that the effects of climate change to be determined in two different locations in departure and destination places(Lars Hein, 2009: 170). The order of welfare conditions, set conditions that are in terms of heat is good at least 80 percent of people or in other words the man in the circumstances not too cold and not feel warm. Some researchers believe that terms of thermal neutrality more accurate interpretation because human does not feel cold and heat and localized discomfort due to climate issues(Mohammadi, 2007: 119). In the formation of human comfort conditions from climatic perspective have a major role the element four including temperature, humidity, wind and radiation. These elements

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