Telecommuting Literature Review

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This literature review is based on a primary research, discussing the effects of telecommuting on ecological and social environment, using number of researches done by various authors. The review was carried out using multiple resources (6 journal articles, 3 books and 7 websites). The resources addressed working from home, meaning of telecommuting and its impacts of on social and ecological environment. Modern organizational and technological progress reformed home and work structures. Recent technology of computer and telecommunication allowed, “ to work and perform all assigned tasks and duties from home, saving them the trip to and from their far workplaces. This approach is called telecommuting or teleworking, while people who follow…show more content…
Establishing a clear boundary for family and friends from barging into the employee’s workplace can be another obstacle that demand effort to overcome. Not to mention, the absence of a location where the employee can form new relationship, by socializing with coworkers and bosses. As a consequence, the feelings of isolation will quickly develop. Moreover, the ecological argument is still to be proven, since some household energy had been noticed to increase when people started telecommuting. Effects of working from home on the environment: The ecological impacts of telecommuting can be addressed based on energy impacts and air quality. Firstly, transportation significantly relays on energy. The relationship is positive, meaning more transportation indicates more energy is being used. Due to the fact that, telecommuting reduces traveling between the office and home, it is believed that it reduces energy usage too. Thus, telecommuting is promoting less traveling and less fuel use, but it can changes depending on the vehicle that is being used to…show more content…
Since it basically effect transportation, it directly affects the energy and fuel consumption, which cause fuel emissions and release of toxic gasses to the air and affects its purity. It has been found out that through teleworking, emissions decreased to more than half what it were before telecommuting Effects of working from home on the social sphere: Telecommuting can affect the social life of an employee in both positive and negative way. Firstly, flexibility is the obvious advantage from home-based job. It gives the employee the free will to choose where and when to work, so it increases job satisfaction over time and reduces turn over. Secondly, it promotes ethical behavior since it allows people with disabilities and people who reached the retirement age who still need a job to stay in the workforce On the other side, physical separation is a major issue in teleworkers home. They can separate home from work since both of them exist at the same place, the author Jason added that rooms is now being converted into office and its not used for entertainment anymore However, families can overcome this problem when they establish some

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