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Topic Scope of Molecular Biology Subject Molecular Biology II Submitted By Muhammad Irfan 1457-313017 Submitted To Dr. Nadeem Khalid Sahib PhD. MCAA(USA),MRBS(UK) MNAS(USA), MACS(USA) MABO(USA), MBIO(AUS) Department of Biology Preston university, Islamabad Index Sr# Contents Page# 1 Title Page 1 2 Index 2 3 Introduction 3 4 Genetic Material and its manipulation 3 5 In genetically enhanced crop tolerance to abiotic stress 4 6 DNA, genomic cloning and expression of cloned DNA 4 7 Plasmid and viral vectors 4 8 A microbiologist’s right hand 5 9 Human health: Diagnosis and Treatment 5 10 References 7 Introduction: Methods of molecular biology are of vital importance, not only in the determination and resolution of scientific…show more content…
for further use in various productions on the bases of genetic material manipulations. It also can help in production of target proteins that can revolutionise the enzymatic and harmonic applications in fields of biotechnology. Scope of molecular biology in genetically enhanced crop tolerance to abiotic stress. Only some 10% of the world’s 13 billion ha is farmed. Apart from urban areas much of the remaining 11.5 billion ha are lands too hostile for any sort of agriculture. Moreover almost all the land that is farmable is under conditions sub-optimal, often to a considerable degree, for plant growth. Alongside losses due to pests and diseases, a further 70% of yield potential has been calculated to be lost to unfavourable physiochemical environments, even in developed agricultures. It is acknowledged that, in order to feed the eight billion mouths we expect by 2030, we will need to double world food production yet again. And we will. One component of that achievement will be the breeding of new varieties of food crops that will both improve yields on land presently being farmed on sub-optimal soils and extend our productive agriculture into lands which are currently…show more content…
Cloning, now a day has become a vital part of research in various fields. Researchers adopt different techniques of molecular biology to over come the obstacles of research. Clones are the genetically identical offspring produced asexually. Molecular biology assists in isolation, extraction and manipulation etc. of the new clone. Plasmid and viral vectors: Molecular biology finds another scope in the field of plasmid and viral vectors studies. Vectors are those species that carry the specific materials into other living organisms. E. coli is widely being used in research and manipulation of organisms. In bacterium cell, there lies a spare circular DNA which is termed as plasmid. This plasmid is very useful for the production of transgenic organisms i.e. the organisms that have an external DNA. Techniques of molecular biology play a fundamental role in the said process. A microbiologist’s right hand: Molecular biology is said to be the right hand of a microbiologist because of its diverse scope. There are hundreds of methods and techniques of molecular biology that are being used in latest studies and researches. Some of the techniques of molecular biology are as under, a. transformation of E. coli b. isolation of plasmid DNA c. restriction digestion d. agarose gel electrophoresis e.

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