The Negative Impact Of Climate Change In Nigeria

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INTRODUCTION In the entire world, Climate change has become a big challenge and it has a negative impact on our day to day life. In the case of Nigeria, climate change has affected it due to its vulnerability and low coping capacity, a developing country like Nigeria with a population of almost 185 million is likely to be affected adversely. But then let me explain briefly the meaning climate and what COP 21 is all about. Climate change is an environmental threat which the entire world is facing and they are looking for ways to adapt and mitigate its impact. It also alters the activities of world’s atmosphere; this is the reason why over 100 Heads of State and government held their 21st Annual Conference of the parties in Paris in 2015. Their…show more content…
This review attempts to create more awareness on the implication of climate change in the Nigeria economy and recommend adaptation and mitigation measures to tackle the challenges. It is important to recognize that the risks are not just humanitarian nature, there are also security and political risks that affect the Nigeria government in particular and community in general. Climate change will negatively affect Nigeria economy with various observable impacts ranging from the significant reduction in Agricultural productivity to increase in illness, mortality rate and morbidity. The energy is not left out, climate change has impacted the hydropower plants which are source of electricity in Nigeria. Manufacturing sectors, transportation and tourism have all been affected which affects the GDP of Nigeria and its economy. According to research, climate change will cost Nigeria between 7 and 29…show more content…
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