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LITERATURE REVIEW ENVIRONMENT ASPECT Global warming has reached an alarming degree due to growth in CO2 levels inside the surroundings. Latest studies carried out at Mauna Loa Observatory (Hawaii, US) in December 2011 found that the concentration of CO2 in the air was nearly 391 ppmv. Therefore, it is vital to become aware of and enhance the technique of CO2 sequestration. In view of this, microalgae have been identified as a candidate for sequestering CO2. Besides mitigating CO2, they may be recognized to have numerous different makes use of. They can be used for the manufacturing of biofuels (e.g. biodiesel, bioethanol, biohydrogen) and different crucial merchandise like business biofilters, food products and secondary metabolites…show more content…
Algae are an incredible way to do away with nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewaters. Algae also can do away with heavy metals inclusive of cadmium zinc, nickel, and lead. This manner is considered environmentally sound, recycles vitamins efficiently, does no longer cause secondary pollutants, and produces biomass and oils that can be harvested to make beneficial products which include biodiesel. By combining algae and wastewater treatment, low effluent nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations may be done. The process then recycles nutrients from wastewater remedy sludge to produce biomass and oils that may be harvested to make useful products which include…show more content…
Many of those plants use waste digesters to supply methane, which in flip is used as a heating gasoline. The use of huge quantities of methane gives out CO2, which can be used to grow algae. Liquid effluents released from the anaerobic digesters also can be treated with the aid of microalgae-primarily based techniques which include different varieties of photobioreactors, therefore supplying two blessings: fee effective sequestration of CO2, and manufacture of gas feedstock. The aggregate of the 3 roles of microalgae – CO2 fixation, wastewater treatment, and biofuel manufacturing has an amazing ability for biofuel and biomass

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