How Does Aerosol Affect Our Life

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EFFECT OF AEROSOL ON DAY TODAY LIFE a) Aerosol is the subset of air pollution which refers to the small tiny particle suspended every in atmosphere. b) Global warming is due to the aerosol. c) The size of the aerosol is small so it deposited in our lungs. d) Medical complication is due to aerosol. e) Aerosol effects on the climate change like direct and indirect effects. f) It effects on metals, nutrients, and organics like acidification. CHEMICAL COMPOSITION There are two types of particles which have the bimodal nature due to the size number distribution of atmospheric particles suggests at least two distinct mechanism of formation and it reflects their origin. 1) Fine particles have a diameter smaller than about 2.5 mm – These are produced by the condensation of vapors, accumulation, and…show more content…
MOTIVATION a) IMPORTANCE OF AEROSOL STUDY Aerosol in the atmosphere has such types of effects as follows (i) They are respiratory health hazard at the high concentration found in the urban area. (ii) Aerosol scatters and absorbs visible radiation. (iii) Aerosol effect earth’s climate directly and indirectly. (iv) It affects directly that it scatter sunlight directly back into space. It significant decreases in the temperature which is an additional element to the greenhouse effect and therefore contributes to the global climate change. (v) It affects indirectly that the aerosol which interfering with formations that interact directly with radiation. Like that they are able to modify the size of the cloud particles in the lower atmosphere by changing the way clouds reflects and absorb light and by this process it modify the earth energy budget. PROPOSED

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