Yogurt Case Study

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D: PROBLEM SOLVING Police are investigating the theft of computers from the company's offices. Archibald, Cuthbert, Montgomery, and Sherlock are arrested as suspects. The confessions police acquired are as follows: Archibald said "Montgomery did it." Cuthbert said "Sherlock stole it." Montgomery said "if I did it, then Sherlock would be the principle criminal." Sherlock said "I didn't do it." Police knows one of the confessions is false. If the above are all true, then which is true in the following statements? A. Archibald tells the lie. Cuthbert is the criminal. B. Sherlock tells the lie. Montgomery and Sherlock stole the computers. C. Cuthbert tells the lie, Montgomery actually did it. D. Montgomery tells the lie and he is the criminal.…show more content…
Butter, cheese and milk protein ingredients no yogurt rich, child tooth decay is not obvious. B. Children at the immature stage of gum enamel, acid-resistant, low capacity, artificial sweetened yogurt will increase tooth decay. C. Research has shown that eating at least four times a week for children yogurt can reduce the incidence of tooth decay by 15%. D. Scientists in many countries of the world are studying the effects of yogurt on the prevention of tooth decay in children. Answer: (C) 5) Some people under intense, long-term pressure will aquire chronic fatigue syndrome. Chronic fatigue syndrome, in addition to body constitution or different physical habits, may be genetic. The research team at the University observed 50 patients with the chronic fatigue syndrome genome, found that certain genes in patients with the same age and same gender healthy human gene there is a difference. Which of the following, if true, best support the findings apply to chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis and treatment? A. Identification of the gene has been used in the diagnosis of several diseases B. Scientists have identified a genetic cause of chronic fatigue syndrome C. There is no method of diagnosis and treatment of chronic fatigue

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