The Pros And Cons Of Fossil Fuels

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You must be wondering what are fossil fuels; well fossil fuels are natural fuel such as coal, oil or natural gas, formed in the geological past from the remains of living organisms. And which this process takes millions of years, this makes it a huge problem especially when our society uses up more fossil fuels than by the time we make it. Fossil fuels can be used after it is fully decomposed can take up to 650 million years. As well fossil fuels contain high amounts of carbon and include coal, petroleum, and natural gases. There is a theory that plants decompose and are able to form fossil fuels after a specific period of time, but it's only a theory. In addition, fossil fuels where discovered well the fact is that no one really knows the exact time where that fossil fuels…show more content…
As for wind power is one of the earliest ways of how we used to get energy, windmills that you would see on farms where used to support and supply electricity's for the farms. They say that 5 percent of the world's electricity will be from windmills by the year of 2020. But as for solar power is one the most used type of renewable resource, with solar panels you would be able to get electricity from the sun, it is nonpolluting and is able to heat buildings, water, and electricity as I mentioned earlier. The best part it is able to store energy for the night or for even cloudy days, as for geothermal energy it is a natural heat generated from the inside of the earth and released from volcanoes and hot spring. We need these natural resources because, if we don’t have them or even try to increase the use of these natural resources we will finish our fossil fuels faster which will cause destruction to our economies and transportation. So it is really important for use to start using these resources especially if we have them for us to

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