Essay On Solar Energy

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The growing demand for electricity throughout the world has expanded the horizons of science and technology. One of the advancements in energy production is the use of renewable sources such as solar, wind and geothermal energy. In the Philippines, the practical use of solar power through net metering and Peak / Off-Peak programs of MERALCO has been introduced in the Philippine household. The first solar cell came to life and it was the brainchild of Charles Fritts that has 1 to 2% energy conversion rate. Solar cells are dependent on photoelectric effect which as observed by German physicist Heinrich Hertz in 1887. The first solar cell is selenium-based and it was discovered that silicon is much more efficient from 1 to 2% to 6% efficiency in Bell Laboratories. Since then, solar cells can power electrical equipment. Western Electric introduced commercial licenses for silicon PV technologies in the market by 1956. By 1970s, demand for solar power increased because of the inflation of oil prices. This became the gateway for Exxen Corporation to turn $100…show more content…
He had 20 solar panels installed that produce about 675 kWh. During daytime, he uses energy generated from the sun and at night, the normal MERALCO grid kicks in. He makes use of MERALCO’s net metering program wherein he able to sell the excess generated energy back to MERALCO, and the POP program wherein his night consumption of energy from MERALCO are of lower rates. According to de Guzman, “it will pay off itself in 5 years while they will last for 25 years or more”. With the development in science and technology, solar panels are now more affordable. Mike de Guzman now owns SOLARIC that sells solar panel systems and take care of applications for net metering and POP programs. He remarks, “we supply the grid with excess power when the grid needs it most. Instead of me being a burden, I’m a positive producer of
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