Essay On Human Nature At Heart

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What is human nature at heart? People often help others and are able to live happily, even in hardships. That shows people are good on the at heart. Not to mention, it is human nature to be good at heart. According to everything listed above people are truly good at heart. People often help others, even in hardship. Meip, a character from ‘The Diary of Anne Frank,’ said: “I’ll be the up the minute I hear some more!” (506). People like Miep are risking their lives to save Jews like the Van Daans and the Franks because they are not very fond of what Hitler is doing to the Jews and minorities, not only are they helping them hide but they are also taking care of the Franks and Van Daans. Mr. Kraler. Another character from ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ said: “Both [Meip and I], will be up each day to bring you food and news and find out what your needs are” (706 online). Miep and Mr. kraler are trying to help the Van Daans and the Franks…show more content…
“Intuition is often automatic and effortless, leading to actions that occur without insight [to] them…..intuitive processes operate quickly.” People often act quickly without thinking, but with intuition which often is usually to help others and be selfless (SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN). “[participants from an experiment] gave significantly more money to the common good [while using their first instinct, their heart,] than did participants who relied on [their brain] to make their choices. This again suggests that [human nature] is to [be good at heart and] cooperate with others” (SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN). One’s natural instinct is to help others, especially when given little time to think, and being forced to make a decision quickly by heart and not the brain. “Our intuitive responses, or first instincts, tend to lead to cooperation rather than selfishness” (SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN). According to an experiment performed on over 2,000 people, human instinct is overall to be selfless and cooperative with
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