Barriers Between Gender Inequality

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One second, two seconds, three seconds go by and women are already underneath the average male. Over several decades, females made significant strides to be seen as equals in comparison to men. From voting rights to job opportunities, women continue to break barriers between gender inequalities. The pay gap is a current controversial topic in which females hope to earn the same salaries as their male counterparts if they do not do so already. Whether this gap exists or not is debatable and differs depending on the background looked at. As to any argument there are two sides – the believers and disbelievers of the gap. The issue of females earning less than males has been around for decades. During World War II, women filled in for jobs men…show more content…
Women who have the same education levels as men should be earning the same wages. Women who have the same experience as men should be earning the same wages. Women who have the same job titles as men should be earning the same wages. Girls spend time studying and doing homework - just as boys do - only to grow up and get paid less simply because of their genetic make-up. As the years of education increase, the pay gap increases when it should begin to disappear. The background time spent in employee’s field of studies reflects on the amount they get paid - so does gender. If both genders are completing the same tasks and handling the same responsibilities, there is no reason they should not receive the same pay. With the same education and experience on resumes, both genders deserve equal treatment towards the job opening. After all of these factors are taken into account, there continues to remain a gap in salaries among men and women, based solely off of gender discrimination in the work place. This is why the gap is a current issue in many women’s lives and continues to exist throughout today’s society. Although the controlled gap is smaller, there remains a portion of the difference in salaries contributing to prejudice viewpoints. This percentage needs to soon disappear because women deserve to be seen as equals through the eyes of society among the generations to come. As a population, we have made significant strides to achieve areas of equality between genders – in the hope of adding pay equality among the broken-down

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