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The Gender Pay Gap is Largely because of Motherhood and the Gender Pay Gap Articles on Gender Income Inequality Gender income inequality is a comparison of a gap of household income, expressed as a measurement of the distribution of income between sexes. Universally, including the United States of America, working class females witness more poverty compared to their male opponents because of the unfair income distribution in the workforce among genders. Despite concerns and efforts for equality in income among genders, the discrepancy persists in the United States. An article entitled “Gender Pay Gap is Largely Because of Motherhood” written by Claire Miller 2017 and another called “Gender Pay Gap” written by Michele Campton in 2007, both…show more content…
Secondly, the second article logically analyses that besides ‘motherhood’, there are other justifiable reasons that cause gender income inequality. On the contrary, Miller uses logical appeal to blame the gender income inequality without putting other factors into consideration. Furthermore, while Campton focuses and details more on the relationship between education and gender pay inequality, Miller uses more of the statistic figures for the pattern and the consequences of the gender pay inequality. Ultimately, even though both authors express disappointment with the slow progress towards closing the gap and acknowledge the complication of the process, Campton is more hopeful in her article because she reveals that the gap has narrowed. Secondly, Campton believes that there is always room for improvement. “Success in gender pay equity is a ‘win-win’ situation and will benefit both men and women” (Campton, 2007,…show more content…
The authors assert on the possibility of gender pay equality if organizations, lawmakers, government, and women advocacy groups will work together. Ultimately, the writer admits that Campton’s article is more educational with a more formal tone, while Miller’s article is less formal and more persuasive. Nevertheless, she concludes that both articles appeal effectively to explain some of the circumstances which encircle gender income inequality, urge for changes in the workplace, and encourage women to stand up for their

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