Gender Wage Gap

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Wage Gap Between Men and Women It is often implied that men are superior to women in any competition. The workplace is seen as a competitive arena. How well do women compete? Many articles and journals estimate that women earn approximately 25% less than men. This is true in many countries around the world. The wage gap between men and women is the difference between the amounts of money paid to women and men, often for doing the same work. It has been a major issue in the labor market for many years. According to Steve Israel, women tend to earn less than men due to working less hours ( [1]. The reasons why women earn less than men are; women take jobs that pay less, they work fewer hours than men, they do not want to negotiate for their pay, and they are not interested in becoming the boss. On the other hand, some people…show more content…
According to the US Department of Labor, in the United States, a woman who works as much time as a man earns $0.81 for every dollar a man does (US Department of Labor, 2007). (Melissa, Elizabeth and Julie, 2010, p.7). [10]. Weichselbaumer and Winter-Ebmer said that this issue is same in other nations and women’s wage is not equal to men’s in most countries. (Weichselbaumer and Winter-Ebmer, 2005). [11]. The gender pay gap is affected by many factors. One factor is women who take lower-paid jobs or work part-time due to taking care of their house and family. Furthermore, some women who are satisfied with what their employers offer or don’t want to become the boss always earn less than men. Many people who get equal pay believe that negotiating skills are the most important key to the gender wage gap. Therefore, in order to improve this issue, women should be taught to be better negotiators. Moreover, women should take jobs that pay more and work as much time as men to get pay that is equal to

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