Black Lives Matter Speech

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La’Nikki Crayton Mrs.Young Senior Essay 03.28.18 Black Lives Matter “A call to action” says Graza. “To make sure we are creating a world where black lives actually do matter.” Black lives matter started as a hashtag back in 2013. This movement at first focused on a specific “abuse and usurpation,” The killing of unarmed black men by police. The black lives matter movement is a movement that can be made less aggressive or made better if people would only listen and attempt to understand from a Black person’s point of view. The ways to reduce the inequality and deadly encounters between black people are: Better relations/communications, better and or more police training, education, police being more patient and slower to act, last but not least…show more content…
Zimmerman was arrested for the killing of Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old African American teenager. The jury’s verdict: Not guilty of second degree murder and acquitted of manslaughter. Then in August of 2014 Michael Brown an 18 year old African American teenager was shot dead by a white police officer. The fact that both of these young men were unarmed and killed for no apparent reason did not set well with the black community. Would this end here or continue? When the grand jury for officer Darren Wilson announced that he would face no indictment a group of people went on a protest chanting “Black Lives Matter”. The significance of this issue in today’s society is increasingly rising and for what reason we will continue to wonder. There are still unarmed black people(African Americans) being killed by police for no reason at all. This brings many fellow black people to think it’s because of skin color. In june of 2015 a young man by the name of Dylan Roof shot 9 black people in a church. This was none other than a hate crime. Imagine going to church for service and not having the thought of being killed crossing your mind. The last place people thought this would happen was a church. The Black Lives Matter Movement is a positive movement, to bring awareness and shed light on the everyday struggles and injustice that black people go through in everyday life. By simple ways these problems can be
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