Personal Statement: Computer Science Engineering

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It is said that working hard and working smart sometimes can be two different things. But, I strongly believe that working hard along with smart thinking is the only way to successfully reach my goal. I have always spent more time in front of computer rather than sitting with a book. My interest and goal of becoming a computer science engineer started to grow when I first laid my hands on computer during my ninth grade laboratory sessions. Initially, I thought that computers are only meant for playing games but soon after I got addicted to gaming and it struck my mind to think about how these games are being created. Soon after, I found that the answer is programming and started to take up my higher secondary computer science coursework seriously to learn new programming languages viz., ANSI C, C++, Python, HTML and JavaScript. As a result of that, I have averaged over 90% in Computer Science in my 10th grade (Secondary School Examination) and 12th grade (Higher Secondary School Examination). Due to my consistent performance throughout my schooling, I was awarded with “Best Outgoing Student Award”. After my schooling, I opted for an engineering degree in Computer Science from Sri Sairam Engineering College affiliated to Anna University. I achieved good grades with consistent…show more content…
With my foundation in this field being strong and my research interests matching those of the departments, I feel I am more than a really good fit for the Master of Science degree in Computer Science at $$$$$$$$ university. Upon seeking and obtaining admission in your Master’s program, I assure to ruthlessly hone my skills and work towards bringing up something special and unique in everyone’s lives like I have always done throughout my education and career. I sincerely hope that I would be provided with an opportunity to do

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