The Pros And Cons Of Gambling

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Part-1 (Gambling evolution, history and reflection) Level of involvement: An important dimension of gambling Level of involvement is an important dimension of gambling. Sports-betting requires high level of involvement from people. The high level of involvement requires people to involve socially, psychologically and cognitively to a higher level (Delfabbro, 2009: 53). Gamblers need to connect with the game with high concentration and they are not allowed to relax. Casino gambling doesn’t require such high level of involvement. There are four distinct groups of gamblers in casino i.e. low involvement group, centrally involvement group, enjoyment involvement group, self-expression involvement group (Sadeque et al., 2012). The individual needs to involve himself in high involvement betting, he can’t rely on other people’s mind. People involve in high involvement group to improve their chances of winning and earn money. The primary aim is not fun and excitement. A sport betting is a prime example of high involvement betting. For e.g. if people do…show more content…
Previously I was sceptical about gambling. But the literature helped me to understand overall gambling industry. The gambling provides an opportunity to socially interact with multicultural people, increase the knowledge etc. From the economic prospective it can be said gambling is a maturing industry (Commission, 2010). The gambling industry provides high tax revenue, salaries, jobs etc. to the country. This industry also has its positive impact over tour and travel industry. Many tourists like to visit pubs, casinos to get rid of the tension and stress. Gamblers faced many atrocities in life. They fought a battle to legalise the gambling industry in various countries. There is no doubt people do gambling mainly to improve their chances of winning but it helps them in improving their business acumen as

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