My Personal Driving Error

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My Personal Driving Error In American society today, there are many laws and policies put into place that are designed to help and protect all citizens of the country. One of these laws is the speeding law. According to American law makers, anyone who is operating a motor vehicle must drive under a designated speed limit decided upon by each county. Driving at a speed past this limit is considered breaking the law and will result in severe consequences for the driver. Anyone wishing to obtain a license to drive a car must understand this policy, and though I have a license myself, I failed to oblige by this simple rule. In October of 2017, I was driving a car down an interstate in Southern Georgia to get to St Simons Island with my girlfriend…show more content…
I seemed to be too caught up in the movement of the other cars to pay attention to my own. When I noticed the flashing red and blue lights in my rearview mirror though, I was shocked back into attention as the realization creeped into my mind that I had really messed up. This was my first encounter with a speeding ticket, so I was extremely disappointed in myself for going so fast. I knew that speeding was against the law, but it was not until this day that I realized how serious speeding can actually be. According to the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, in 2015 there were almost 300 fatal accidents caused by speeding cars. Since 2011, there has been a 25.8% increase in these accidents, which is not a positive statistic to learn. Apparently, the chance of a crash being fatal is over THREE times higher in crashes related to speed than crashes not related to speed. While it may be tempting to drive fast, the dangers of excessive speeding far outweigh the benefits. Speeding reduces a driver's ability to maneuver safely around curves or objects in the roadway, decreases the amount of time the driver has to avoid a crash, and increases the likelihood of putting yourself, your passengers, and other…show more content…
However, when I drive past these accidents, I not only feel bad for the victims, but I also try to understand what might have caused the conundrum. Was it a reckless driver that caused the messy accident? Was it an excessive speeder that ended the lives of the passengers? I cannot imagine what it must feel like to lose a family member or friend to a reckless driver and I hope that I never have to feel that pain in the future. In addition to it being dangerous to speed, it is also quite expensive. Since laws are put in place to prevent danger, it only makes sense to punish the opposer accordingly. Most speeding tickets cost anywhere between $100 and $2,000 depending on the county. If the speeding causes a wreck, there will be an even greater expense for the driver when they have to for pay not only legal expenses, but also car repair, insurance increases, and sometimes medical assistance. Through this memorable experience I have learned that one must never exceed the designated speed limit, and that cars should always be treated very carefully – almost as if it were a loaded weapon. Cars have the potential to be very harmful, so it is important that all drivers understand the responsibility they

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