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It was an early morning awakening for a mother mountain lion with four cubs. She woke to vast mountains and the bright morning sun. Her stomach was terribly empty and so were her cubs, so she took off into the vast mountains hoping for her next meal. She used her fur to blend in her surroundings to stalk upon a group of white tailed deer. She then leaped on the large male buck and grabbed ahold of his throat the fight was over in just a few minutes. There are many like her doing the same across the continent of North America. She brings the meal to her den keeping herself and cubs happy once again. Frightening and beautiful, the mountain lion’s characteristics, range, habitat, and diet, combine to make a fierce and majestic creature that’s widely loved. Mountain lions across the world are called many different names such as puma, cougar, panther, and even catamount (Beier para 1). These names are just nicknames the actual name for a mountain lion is Puma Concolor. The term puma is a Peruvian term and concolor is related to the fur of mountain lions (Beier para 2). Mountain lions are a part of the cat family and are a light tanish looking color (Dewey para 5). Mountain lions are small compared to the other big cats; however, it is built like a…show more content…
Mountain lions typically hunt from sunrise to sunset feeding on small or large animals (“Answers” para 14). The habitat a mountain lion lives in determines the food they may encounter (Dewey para 29). If the territory is abundant with food typically mountain lions try to ambush the prey that are already in the area (Beier para 3). Mountain lions travel vast distances to kill prey which can take hours; nevertheless, if a mountain lion finds a kill they typically will not eat it (Beier para 3). Mountain lions are able to kill large animals by staking, jumping on the back, and kill with a crushing blow to the neck (Dewey para

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