The Importance Of Technology In Society

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I think that anything we imagine for the upcoming 10 years is going to sound like straight out of a science fiction novel or movie. We now live in an era where you can order groceries, manage your bank account and send people gifts online, it’s nearly possible to exist only interacting through technology. New technologies encourage exponential shrinkage in personal interactions. Yes, those technologies make life easier, (as it is much more convenient to interact with an application then to deal with incompetent individuals), but let’s face it this make us less sociable. The Technological advancement have conquered and resolved the barriers of time and geographical limitations, shirking the planet we live in giving access to billions of information, cultures and civilizations. Technology plays an essential and important role in industrial and developing countries. Furthermore, changing drastically the cultural norms and behavior of individuals…show more content…
those developments will definitely continue in the future. We might start having A.I friends (example people that have a full conversation with Iphone Siri ,or Google Alexa) limiting our social interaction with real humans, as those AI will be more customized to suite our personality and social needs. These days and I know many can relate to what I am going to say - All we do all week is look at our phones, reading articles, liking posts, sending emails/tweets/messages/posting pictures and not to forget online gaming. It starts from early hours in the morning from when we check the phone in bed and it continues during the day, at lunch breaks, in outings with friends, at lunch and dinner times with family and friends. It is just never-ending we crave the need to stay connected, to stay

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