Beer Club Service Case Study

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Chapter III METHODOLOGY In Chapter II, we review the typical model study and propose a research model for this thesis with 3 factors affecting intention to use the beer club service. Chapter III, we will introduce the methodology to test models and theories. 3.1 Research approach There are two main research approaches: qualitative and quantitative. Based on the purpose of study and the research questions, the approach for this study is mainly quantitative. In quantitative research, we are interested in the scales of the independent variables without regard to the control variables as independent variables are the main concern in this study. Add to that the control variable is the demographic variables that does not use the scale as the independent variables. In formal quantitative research, we put the…show more content…
Paper questionnaires are distributed to students from International University, RMIT University, University of Economics and officer at many office on HCM city 3.5 Data analysis 3.6 Questionnaires design - Define Theoretical concepts of variables and measure the variables in theoretical models based on studies carried out previously. - Develop Vietnamese version of the questionnaire by compiling the ladder measured from English to Vietnamese. - Translate the Vietnamese version into English to compare and edit the Vietnamese. - Vietnamese questionnaire given to 10 subjects who used the service beer club, commented to ensure there is no misunderstanding about the language and content of the questions. The results are used to modify the sentence; the questionnaire is clear and more meaningful. - Complete the official version. Contents of the questionnaire consists of 2 main parts (specific contents questionnaire is presented in appendix of the dissertation) + Introduction: This content includes introduction purpose,

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