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Perks of Four-Day School Weeks Everyone says that they hate having school five-days a week, and wish they didn’t have to go to school on Fridays. Four-day school weeks have been implemented in schools nationwide. Having a four-day school weeks has been proven to, save the school money, students learn better and have received better test scores. Finally four day-school weeks have proven to work better with students schedule and students don’t miss school as often. Saving school money is always a priority in schools. One of the way schools save money by switching to a four-day school week, is the transportation cost. Schools have shown they have had the biggest savings on the transportation cost (“The Shrinking School” 3). Another way schools save money by implementing the four-day school week, is the utilities used. Since they are in school one less day a week, they are saving an extra eight hours of utilities each week. The shorter school has shown big savings in the school’s budget (Chemelynski). Schools have also stated that the four-day school week has allowed them to cut back on staff expenses. This includes, paying substitutes for when the regular teachers are gone. (Chemelynski).…show more content…
“An article in the School Board News examined two districts, and found school district’s ACT scores rose about state averages after switching to the four-day school week,” (Ray). Studies have also shown that students receive better grades during four-day school weeks (Chemelynski). “‘Grades have improved significantly. Honor Roll students in junior and high school have double,”’ (Chemelynski). During the four-day school weeks, students learn better than they do during the five-day school week. “That means more instructional time and fewer distractions,”

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