Planets In The Sky With Diamonds By Diane Ackerman

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The universe is a grand setting. Our space program steadily advances its communication tools every day, so the amount of discoveries seem endless. Believing that life exists only on Earth as opposed to the whole universe is ignorant and closed-minded. The advancements and benefits of the universe will finally become unveiled with continuing the space program. Diane Ackerman, author of “Planets in the Sky with Diamonds,” believes that society is on the brink of a scientific breakthrough because of the space program. Ackerman mentions that “scientists are asking thrilling questions: what existed before the universe? . . . . Can we design spaceships that fly faster than the speed of light? Do other planetarians haunt the wilderness of space, or are we alone?” (Ackerman 715). These questions are the beginning of a new, innovative life for society. The origin of the universe, spaceships that travel up to impossible speeds, and the discovery of alien lifeforms all seem like science fiction. Space exploration is the next step in progressing…show more content…
Other accommodations, like using spatial objects for economic advantages, are also beneficial. R. J. Ringrow, MIET attendee, discusses his opinion on the subject of space exploration in an article called the “Benefits of Space Exploration.” Ringrow believes that “the exploitation of resources known to exist on the Moon alone could provide material to build solar satellite powerstations and space habitats” (Ringrow 26). These solar satellites on the moon could provide energy for the Earth and could generate tons more power than a satellite on Earth could. The drawback to satellites on Earth is the damage due to improper contact. However, with the solar satellites on the moon, they would receive special, tender care assuming that the cost of the satellites is a large amount. There are endless possibilities to utilizing space

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