Should Textbooks Be Replaced By Notebook Computers Essay

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“Should Textbooks Be Replaced By Notebook Computers?” Its believable 100% that the scientific worldview dominates our contemporary consciousness. And thus do kids really need to go to school to learn by textbooks?. For most ancient people it is blindingly obvious that textbooks is the only place where teaching relies upon. And for them it goes without saying that real learning only takes place where there is teaching with the aid of textbooks. Kids need notebook computers for real learning to take place, and they need them for six or eight hours a day, five days a week and at least eleven months a year. In fact, they need them in there entire life or if not they end up sinking in a sea of ignorance. In this world of modern lead generation, there are few things more frustrating than relying on ancient and cordially tools to educate our children. Thus using textbooks that will not generate the leads you’re expecting since it's like shooting a dead body. Your all aware that…show more content…
“Over fifty million trees are chopped down each year to make textbooks in the United States alone. Four billion trees worldwide are chopped down yearly for paper, notebooks, workbooks, you name it” ( An example is that “Indonesia extinguished half of its rain forests in these few decades” ( That is a lot of trees resulting in less and less oxygen yearly. If we do not stop this problem, a long time from now, we will not have any oxygen left. “Using similar data, an outfit called "Clean tech" did a study which looked at the question sort if in reverse, saying if you were to read three books a month for four years, the e-reader would significantly outperform conventional paper books in carbon emitted” ( Notebook computers do not require trees as the textbooks requires many trees. It is a major issue of how any trees we chop down a

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