Urbanization In Africa

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Entries 1) What I’ve learned from urbanization Urbanization had spread around to every continents. Although I know that some parts of Africa is now an urban city, my perception towards Africa is always related to National Geography. Kenya to me is wild; it is about tribes, lions and animals, but after I was assigned to research about Nairobi I began to think of it in a new way. From the research I found out that as same as Thailand Nairobi also suffered with traffic congestion and pollution issue. Nairobi is a modern city which is very artistic; there is art everywhere. Their graffiti illustrate something meaningful and powerful. It is like teenagers are painting their history for other generations to see into their mind. Nairobi might be a…show more content…
I was amazed at how Nairobi are able to balance between the traditional tribal society and the modern society because there are evidence that in the world many nonwestern countries has adapt themselves into being a westerner; they abandoned their own culture and change their identity as the world changes. However, there is still uneven distribution of wealth within the city Centre. Poverty is an issue in Nairobi as 60% of people in Nairobi live in poverty. Poverty is a violation of human right. In Nairobean slums there are problem with sanitation, inadequate clean water supply; people even have to pay to use the toilet. There are many aspects to urbanization. It could be a path to civilization and better life quality for the middle class and upper class but it could also be a place that slum inhabitants wanted to escape. The government should also take accounted of the shantytown community so that every citizen grow together with the development of the country. This assignment has given me more opportunity to practice doing research. I read more and has more patience in keep finding. In the end I learned to be open-minded. I shall never judge…show more content…
During high school there are longer hours of study but the content of the lesson is not as deep as in the university. It is normal to read for exam two or three days before the actual exam date. I found teachers at high school are more caring; they really want their student to understand the lesson that it is alright to repeat the content many times for the student to fully get what they are trying to teach while in university professor expect students to have more concentration in class and it is not acceptable to repeat thing for three or four times since they think that college student must already acquire general ideas about the lesson or have more common sense and logic to understand the lesson. Although students did not have long study hour and a lot of workload, they need to be more responsible because with more freedom and free time can get them easily

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