Why Five-Day School Weeks Are Too Long

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Coleman Fang Ms. Adams English II 24 September 2015 School Weeks Are Too Long Many parents, students, and teachers from thousands of school districts around the United States and neighboring countries have complained of the five-day school week of being too long and tiresome. Typically, not only do some students have to do hours of homework after school, but sometimes over the weekends, they still have to complete even more work, mostly including projects, research papers, and presentations, which often can be long and tedious. For students who take more challenging classes, the only relief that they get are school breaks, which unfortunately only comes around a few times a year. Surprisingly, only about one-hundred of the country’s approximately…show more content…
This can give teachers in general additional time to plan exciting lessons that students will mostly find entertaining and pay more attention to it, allowing them to potentially retain more information which mostly results in a significant improvement of test scores, increased participation during class, and students having much more time to complete their assignments over the longer weekend (NLCATP). Additionally, this can give parents more time to spend with their children before they leave for college in just only a few years. This also gives students and teachers a less stressful environment when school is actually in session, allowing students to focus more in class rather than being tired and half-asleep. Furthermore, students can learn to value their time during that extra rest day by being productive, attending volunteer events, and take opportunities they usually would not have the time for with a regular five-day school week in place…show more content…
Some families are in support of five-day school weeks because most of their families struggle to put food on their tables on a daily basis, and, having their children going to school five days a week helps their situation out a lot. But, mostly every problem has a solution. In the United States alone, over 35.4 percent of the 309,467,000 people living here are applicable for free and reduced lunch programs, including young children and the elderly (Jeffrey). This totals out to approximately 109,631,000 people. If school weeks are cut to only four days, many parents in America would have to increase the amount of money they spend on food for an extra day a week. But, as said above, 35.4 percent of everyone including children and the elderly are applicable for welfare, meaning that most people that need five day school weeks to stay can use the money the government is willing to give them every month to purchase food items from a grocery store

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