Gloria Anzaldua How To Tame A Wild Tongue

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For many, writing is a way to express themselves. Whether one is writing to propose a new idea or trying to help an audience understand something better, he or she is writing to get all the ideas and emotions out. In Gloria Anzaldua’s 1987 article, “How to Tame a Wild Tongue,” she expresses her thoughts and feelings about her native language, Spanish, and sets the stage by explaining the origin of the language. She explained that Spanish had several different dialects which had evolved from the original Spanish language --which the Spaniards brought over from Spain-- overtime. All across the map, the Spanish language has changed and infused with many other languages which resulted in new Spanish dialects. She wrote this article to express her feelings about and explain why she speaks a certain dialect called…show more content…
Her article was great and had a powerful message behind it. She explained that many other Spanish speakers considered the Chicano language illegitimate because it was a mix between two languages, Spanish and English. It is common for society to discriminate against those who are of the same ethnic group but are of a different culture. Like Gloria mentioned, the Chicano language has a culture all of its own. When a group of people are isolated from where their culture originated, they have to adapt to their new surroundings in which results in the creation of a new culture. After many years of different languages and cultures being converted and mixed together, they become identified as new race of people. This race may have created new customs and ways of life. As they create their own music, adapt their tastes in food, and perfect their ways of doing things, they also begin to identify themselves with their new language and culture. I do agree that these new languages should be socially acceptable to a certain
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