Persuasive Essay: Four Day School Week

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Four Day School Weeks Four day school weeks cannot only help with school funding, but it can also help with the success of students who attend schools that only go for four days out of the week. Four day school weeks will help kids stay on top of their work, and stay positive. Ways that switching to a four day school week can have a positive affect on the school is one would be saving more money, students would succeed more, and their would be less absences in the school districts. If schools where to switch from going to school for a week (5 days) the school on average could save so much money. A way one would be saving great amounts of money is in areas like transportation. Gas prices has gone up so much in the last couple of years, and with diesel being an average of $2.48 a school would cut 20% off transportation costs(Chmelynski). Schools would save money in other areas as well like food services, and utilities as well. Feeding students has gotten extremely expensive and in South Dakota the average it costs for one meal is $4.00(Verges). Also with utilities, by switching to four day school weeks we would be cutting just the light bill nearly in half by switching to…show more content…
Test scores have been better then ever. Schools see their students grades improving significantly, and more kids are being put on the honor roll each year(“Four-Day School Weeks Gain Popularity Across U.S.”). A survey went around the rural area schools who have switched to four day school weeks and the survey asked about how the students where doing. The response was that kids who had failing grades, now have passing grades(“Four-Day School Weeks Gain Popularity Across U.S.”). ACT scores are higher in rural areas, and many teachers say students are less tired and more focused on the task at hand(“Four-Day School Weeks Gain Popularity Across

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