Personal Narrative: Occupational Therapy

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One February morning, my family and I finally recieved the phone call we had all been waiting for! My mom and I began to pack our bags for a month’s time span (as instructed), almost immediately after hearing the news. Since we kinda went out on a limb, we were hoping all the fundraising would help us get there and get what I needed. Before we knew it, Mom and I were sitting side by side on a plane waiting anxiously to get there. My mom and I were relieved to hear the words “you have arrived at your final destination” as we landed. I can remember the snow accumulating right before our eyes as we stepped off the plane. Mom and I already knew what to expect climatewise in this state. We were fully prepared and dressed in double layers. With…show more content…
At 8.00 a.m., my nurse, Dan, escorted me to the hospital’s gym, where I soon found my group and I stretched every morning. By 8:15 a.m., we had a class over managing pain in the gym, which lasted until about 9:00 a.m. Then we went to a one hour session of occupational therapy in the room next door to the gym. In occupational therapy, we talked about keeping a schedule, having time management, moderation, modification, life balance, and body mechanics. After occupational therapy, we had another class in the gym over understanding our illnesses. Once the clock rolled around to a quarter before eleven, it was time for someone’s graduation in the gym. A graduation occurred every day at this time, initiating that someone completed the three week program. (This was the day my mom and I were looking forward to.) Around 11:15 a.m. we went to lunch, where we ate the hospital’s cafeteria food. On Fridays, we grabbed our food to go at the cafeteria in order to make it to our doctor appointments in time. Most of the time we did not do the next two activities that day because the appointments lasted so long. After lunch on the other days, we went to a class with our parents. In this class we organized presentations of some sort to help us get a better understanding of our illnesses. Around 1:00 p.m., we all went to physical therapy for…show more content…
Little did I know, we had to go out to dinner and do activities afterwards with the group around 6:00 p.m. Between the hours of five and six, I had to do chores and get ready to go out with the group. Some activities in which we participated in were laser tag, bowling, ice skating, rock climbing, golfing, and going to movies. This left us getting back to the apartment around about 9:00 p.m. The reason behind us staying so busy was to keep us distracted from our pain and to help us get back to school full time. This is what my daily routine consist of on the weekdays while being at the Mayo Clinic for a total of four weeks. However, on the weekends my routine was somewhat different. On the weekends, my mom and I still woke up at the same time to keep a schedule as instructed. We went to the local gym for physical activity. I still did chores such as wash the dishes and do laundry. I had to do homework for an hour on the weekends like I did on the weekdays at the Mayo Clinic. We also still had to go out to eat and do some type of activity at night. With the exception of my family and friends flying in to visit, not having class, and eating with the crew in the morning, the weekends were really quite similar to a weekday. After four weeks of this, it was finally time to

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